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Our Commitment To The Orphans


The Full Story

Making a Difference One Punch at a Time

In January 2023, while journeying through Asia to train for an upcoming international tournament, I found myself visiting Precious Heritage Children's Home in Antipolo, Philippines. The sight of these young souls, many of whom were orphaned, touched my heart deeply. Their humility, resilience, and the evident need they carried struck a profound chord within me.


      Equally touching were the caregivers - individuals who, despite having little of their own, had committed their lives to the noble act of caring for these children. Witnessing such selflessness and dedication in the face of adversity brought forth a strong surge of compassion. At that moment, I felt an overwhelming desire to offer financial assistance, but was unable to do so. This sparked a newfound determination: to give my all in the imminent tournament and, should I emerge victorious, to give back to these children and their steadfast guardians.

The journey was tough, but with dedication and a little divine intervention, I was crowned the champion of the United States Championship in January 2023. With this triumph, Southbridge Fight Club proudly announces our partnership with Precious Heritage Children's Home. A portion of our earnings will now go directly to support the orphans at this remarkable institution.

Let’s Work Together

Join Our Cause

By choosing to train in martial arts with Southbridge Fight Club, you're directly contributing to the welfare of these children. Each punch, kick, and spar not only helps you hone your skills but also ensures these orphans receive the nourishment and clothing they deserve.

Southbridge Fight Club might boast real champions and fighters, but our primary fight is for the well-being of these children. Our measure of success isn't in the number of students we train, but in the number of young lives we can positively impact. Together, we can make sure they have everything they need for a wholesome life.

Train with us. Fight with us. Make a difference with us.


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