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Boxing Gloves


  • Do I have to be in good shape before I start?
    Most people think they are out of shape, they need to lift weights and work out or go running before Joining our club, that could not be further from the truth. You will get in shape by coming to classes. I can explain it better to you this way, lets say you take the first approach and decide to lift weights and go running for 1 month and you just wasted 1 month that you could have been training, and I'll explain to you why. No matter what you were doing at the gym, you still were not throwing punches constantly and being worked. There for you are still going to get as tired as you were going to be if you decided to just start training boxing or martial arts. The short answer is, you will get in shape by training with us.
  • I am 30-65 years old , am I too old to start martial arts?"
    Martial arts is for everyone. You can be 3 years old or 80 years old. Remember that we are different than most schools and we will push you pretty hard. We don't give you a pat on the back for attendance, you come to us to learn hand to hand combat; to train like fighters, and thus I will train you like a fighter. If you have some sort of ongoing injury or nagging injury let us know ahead of time. As well as be wise on how hard you want to train. We will help you and only push you as far as your limit is. Everyone has a different limit. We observe this. Our goal is not to make you better than everyone else, that is not success, that is pride, our goal is to make you the best that you can possibly become as an individual. If you can get to your prime, then you should be able to handle anyone in front of you.
  • I am very busy with my work schedule, how much time do I need to devote to boxing or martial arts classes?"
    I would recommend at least 1 session per week. And at home you should do about 30 minutes per day 4-5 days a week. If you are tired you should watch fight videos and study some things. find a way to fit it in your schedule. Whether it be on your lunch break, or immediately when you get home.
  • What sort of things should I consider when choosing a school?
    You want to make sure your instructor has real life experience in combat. You want to make sure your instructor has competed against trained fighters and done well. I will not speak for other schools but I will tell you this, at our school our coaches still train under other professionals to keep learning and pursuing martial arts greatness. We also spar regularly with professionals, and former champions. This gives you the peace of mind that you are not wasting your time and money. What you will get from us at Southbridge Fight Club is full attention and quality technique and strategy that have been combat tested by me and many others. Coach Jay here, I've been learning boxing and martial arts specifically for fighting for 23 years now, and I will train you in ways you have not thought of before, as well as give you insight into a fighters mindset.
  • what if I want to compete and fight?
    I can help prepare you for a tournament or fight. I can also help find you a tournament or fight to compete in. And I will corner you for the fight. A good coach helps his students, Holds pads for them, and trains them to the best of their ability so that they can have success. A fight is not a game, its serious business and you want to have a coach who is helping you prepare your technique so that it is sharp and also help you get in shape by pushing you hard constantly. From past experience I know what its like to have coaches that wont even hold the pads for you; You are just a dollar sign to them. But to me, you are my beloved student, I love martial arts and I will not treat my students as just dollar signs or a business. Many instructors have lost the true love for martial arts and became business men, leaving those who really want to pursue a fight dream very disheartened. Some of my current students have also shared this same experience from other gyms with me. You can rest in peace knowing that with me, you will go into battle prepared to the max. Confidence comes from preparation. I'll prepare you. I will not ostracize you because of your potential, or favoritism to others. Everyone gets treated equal here no matter what you do, who you are, where you come from, and your skill level. And everyone gets helped equally to become their very best. Preparing you for a fight is my main priority if you decide to compete, however as a coach, I expect full dedication from you, that means also training late nights, runs, and working out on your own time. I do not want you to win so that the Gym looks good, I want you to be safe and prepared in the ring. Because fighting is not a sport, it is not a game, we don't play fighting. It is serious business. If you decide to compete, You are in great hands. We are all combat tested here.
  • What Equipment do I need?
    Boxing gloves, hand wraps, shorts and a t-shirt. for men if possible wear a Cup Boxing gloves can be ordered on or at your local dicks sporting goods store. I would suggest buying a mouth piece as well. Please bring Water and a towel to class if possible.
  • What if I get hurt while training?
    We aren't baking cookies. The Business title says it all "FIGHT CLUB" Martial arts is a high risk, full contact activity. Strikes are involved, punching and kicking is involved. If you are careful and try your best to keep good form and technique your chances of getting injured are reduced almost to zero. But just keep in mind to not push yourself harder than you are capable. Unless the coach is observing what you are doing. Be aware of your surroundings to avoid any slips or falls. And just be safe do not try to hurt other members. We are here to get better, not to win.
  • I am being bullied, I need help !
    We provide Real Fighter style Self Defense training services for bully victims here at Southbridge Fight Club. In fact its a big part of what we do, we help strengthen victims, teach them how to defend themselves, and watch them strive and become more confident in themselves from early on. I have seen teens and women completely change over the course of a couple sessions and become more confident and less fearful of confrontation. I will train you in a way that no ordinary civilian, regardless of size will be able to do anything to you. By being more fit, faster, intelligent in terms of combat, and tactical than the general population.
  • Domestic Violence victims
    Contact us and we will teach you an abundance of brutal self defense techniques so that no man will ever mess with you again. And if they do, you give them an ass whooping Southbridge Fight Club style so they never mess with you again. We don't condone violence, we prevent it. Protecting the women of our community is so important to us at Southbridge Fight Club, we will do everything in our power to keep them safe. Martial arts was made to help the defenseless and the weak, those who are abused, and to humble the abuser.
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